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There are a number of reasons why a patient's vision may be gradually declining. This can be very worrying for some patients. In others, the loss is so subtle that it is only picked up on routine screening by the optician. When the patient presents, it is important to take a thorough history, as the patient's perception of visual impairment (I can't read the paper) may be different to yours (the patient can see the words but they appear distorted rather than blurred, making the reading difficult

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Blurry vision is very common. A problem with any of the components of your eye such as the cornea, retina, or optic nerve, can cause sudden blurred vision. Slowly progressive blurred vision is usually caused by long-term medical conditions. Sudden blurring is most often caused by a single event.

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Vision loss is an eyesight condition where you start to lose your ability to see things clearly. Also commonly known as an impairment of vision, it can be caused due to various eye diseases or some form of damage to your eye. Not restricted to one eye, many individuals may experience vision loss at different rates in each eye, which may allow them to function quite normally with one eye until the second eye begins to lose function as well. Low vision can potentially handicap a person in performi

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